In 1993 Bayliss designed and built an outdoor solid glass sculpture to mark the 75th anniversary of Anderson University in Indiana. The structure symbolizes the pursuit of excellence. Light, reflection, refraction and a spiral form are used as metaphors for qualities of education.

One hundred and fifty identical slabs of on inch thick glass form the structure. These were drilled and stacked over a solid stainless steel spine. The sculpture sits on a hollow base which contains its light source, two 400-watt floodlights.

The three inter connecting fountains form an important visual field from which the piece rises.

“A significant part of the experience for me was the challenge and satisfaction of coordinating the work of architects, concrete workers, university maintenance and student assistants. The work took one year to plan and four days and four nights to build. The greatest satisfaction has been to see the sculpture become an important and useful symbol for the university”
– Arlon Bayliss.

Today it provides a focal point for students and faculty to meet each other. It is also featured in the university’s stationery and other media.