Cross of Light


Client: Christ Lutheran Church

Completed: 2005

Location: Anderson, Indiana United States

Artwork Budget: $50,000

Architect: Dauss Architects


“Cross Of Light” is just over nine feet high and is comprised of multi-colored light patterns reflected on to an altar wall. Hidden Xenon light passes through a cross-shaped slot in the wall and bounces off carefully positioned dichroic glass reflectors to form a powerfully radiant cross.


Initially, the client wanted to commission a cross of glass. The artist asked if he could instead aim at developing a cross of light that used glass to achieve this goal. Glass would play a supportive role and would, as much as possible, visually dissolve in the composition. This concept was warmly received and, after much experimentation, model making, and creative collaboration with the architect, the final project was successfully completed.


Dauss Architects and the artist worked together to design a floating altar wall eight feet in front of the existing wall, its service access platform and rail system for the concealed, aimed light sources.


Since its installation, the “Cross Of Light” has met and exceeded the hopes and needs of the client. Additionally, it consistently attracts non-congregational visitors who make appointments to see this unusual, inspiring, and compelling artwork.