Blenko Glass


Bayliss was designer at Blenko Glass from 2007 to 2015.

My work at Blenko involved producing design samples; these are experimental pieces produced when a
designer works with glassblowers. As designer I showed the glassblowers drawings and explained ideas.
Often molds were hand carved out of cherry wood or graphite for the glassmakers to blow into.

Sometimes as many as twenty samples were made in order to produce a finished prototype or master
sample I was happy with. Blenko glass uses master samples as references or patterns when they make
objects in regular production.

I loved my time at Blenko. The skilled glassmakers were a joy to work with and brought their
interpretations and ideas to my designs. Together we experimented and learned. We made some good
pieces; products that were the result of a dynamic collaboration. – Arlon Bayliss