Between Infinite Stars


Client: Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation

Completed: 2012

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana United States

Artwork Budget: $100,000


Ratio Architects

Associated Controls + Design

Hagerman Group


The artwork comprises of three suspended illuminated clouds that hover in a large square ceiling void. Within each of them, ethereal, changing light patterns remind viewers of constellations and cell structures. Viewers find their subtly changing colors both intriguingly distant, and strangely familiar.


Ratio Architects and the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation designated a 20 foot square ceiling space for commissioned artwork in a 400 square foot multi purpose community hall. The artwork needed to integrate with, and formally compliment, the architecture and furnishings of this comprehensive renovation and construction. The artist was selected on two strengths: the quality of previous projects, and a proposal that explored the relationship of macrocosm and microcosm through the use of spirals found in both galaxies and sea shells.


Each interconnecting fixture is constructed of an aluminum frame that suspends a large spiral. Each frame is covered with a flameproof stretched translucent fabric that serves as a screen. Inside, Phillips eW Flex SLX and other DMX data controlled LED light sources work seamlessly with dichroic glass filters and reflectors to produced with a wide range of visual qualities and moods. Arlon Bayliss collaborated with theatrical lighting engineers, Associated Lighting for the artwork. Through a Pharos controller, this fixture is programmed for a variety of events ranging from weddings to funerals. Remotely controlled cable pulleys allow the fixture to be lowered for maintenance.