Just over a month ago I completed “Seeds Of Light”, a public art commission for the Town Of Speedway, Indiana. Proposed and executed as a community project, it celebrates the town’s high school exchange programs with Motegi, Japan and Varano, Italy. Over 45 individuals volunteered 500+ hours to fabricate and assemble the project in a temporary studio space just a block from the sculpture site.

Students folded, riveted and spot-welded 256 specially designed florets, and members of the community’s trails association, arts council, town offices and general public joined in; soldering, wiring, cutting glass and assembling. For several months before this, I occupied an office in the Speedway’s Town Hall. As an “embedded artist”, drawing, model making and meeting with anyone interested in the project. This in retrospect, was key to establishing strong community interest in the endeavor, and led to sustained enthusiasm and personal investment from the town folk of Speedway throughout assembly and installation. I know they will take good care of it. As I told them at the dedication ceremony, “This is not a sculpture made elsewhere, and delivered to you today – it is already yours.”