The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In the development, fabrication, and installation of my public artwork, I seek out ways to work collaboratively with a broad range of individuals, including undergrads and grads. Perhaps my British training has shaped the way I work, because I think of myself as an artist, craftsperson, and designer. By asking professionals with other skills, such as engineers, architects, crafts people or skilled fabricators, to partner with me, products evolve that far outreach the formal and contextual limitations of any solo effort I might make. “Flight Wave” for the Indianapolis International Airport is a good example of this.

"Flight Wave" Indianapolis International Airport. 2008300 reflective glass chevrons on a 125' glass wall
"Between Infinite Stars..." Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation 2012.20' x 20' Ceiling installation

Exploring light, surface and activated Space

My most recent public art commission is “Between Infinite Stars…” for the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. Interestingly, in it my use of glass, a material I am most familiar with, has shrunk to a minimum. Like many of my architectural installations and public artworks it concentrates instead on a strong use of metaphor, careful attention to context and content. I want to engage the viewer by exploring light, surface, and activated space.