In 1982, when Arlon Bayliss toured the states with a handful of slide lectures and returned to the UK with more. In the years that followed,
he has refined his presentation skills and compiled and delivered countless visual feasts and stimulating presentations.
As a university professor who, for over 30 years taught both art history and studio courses,
he has a wide and growing range of presentations at his disposal.

Here is a partial list of prepared, illustrated presentations. Others are available by arrangement:


Arlon Bayliss: Artist, Designer, Educator

Glass, Light and Love: Exploring Glass as an Artist, Designer and Educator

From Imagination to Creation: 10 Years of Designing for Blenko Glass

A Brief History of Glass

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Glass (with Apologies to Tutankhamen)

Out Of The Ashes: How Studio Glass Flourished as Hand Glass Industry Declined

3D Design

Using model-making to grow ideas and find new ways of finding solutions

Light As Art: Exciting Recent Developments


Creativity and Tools That Help Grow Better Ideas