Kawaakari: River of Light

Light is more than the material that defines how we see. It’s also a metaphor for things etherial such as life, love and spirit. Importantly, light changes how we feel. It reaches…

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Beacon Bloom

The first few days - even the first few moments provided a clue. One evening, a few weeks ago my fabricator, Bob Buchanan of bo-mar Industries and I stood underneath our freshly…

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Seeds Of Light: A Community Project

Just over a month ago I completed “Seeds Of Light”, a public art commission for the Town Of Speedway, Indiana. Proposed and executed as a community project, it celebrates the…

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Making STEAM

As a creativity consultant for 1st Maker Space I often reflect on my training and my 3o years teaching experience in the UK and USA.

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In this article for 1st Maker Space I outline a tool for creative thinking that I've used with students over 15 years.

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Three Creativity Tests

Here's another article I've written on creativity and hands-on learning for 1st Maker Space. This account describes three well known tests for creative thinking:…

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Tools For Creative Thinking

I'm writing articles that explore creativity, and educational issues relating to hands-on learning.

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Sharing Light

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Getting Ready For Blenko

Time and time again I’ve seen the skilled workers at Blenko rise to the challenges I have brought them. Sometimes it’s a shape that requires the ingenuity of Daniel Chapman,…

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