Embracing Partnerships and Community

My British, post-Bauhaus, art-industrial training has engendered a love for working collaboratively with engineers and architects in developing, making and installing of my work. This extends to including others, such as students and community stakeholders, so that the impact of the work reaches beyond its physical form.

As an artist and designer who loves the process of partnering with others, I produce work that far outshines any results I might achieve alone.
For example “Seeds Of Light”, a community art project for the Town Of Speedway, Indiana, engaged over 45 local volunteers. This included the high school students the sculpture honors and celebrates. They spent over 500 hours fabricating parts especially designed for non-skilled helpers. As an embedded artist in Speedway’s Town Offices I included leaders and members of the community in logistics, problem solving, and making the artwork. Subsequently, the town’s sense of ownership and pride in its first public sculpture is real and lasting.

I treasure my ongoing partnership with BoMar Industries. Their broad range of fabricating and installing experience is complimented by the courage to try new things. And this brings the joy of new possibilities to every project I undertake.