Lectures and Presentations

Since 1982, when as a brand new grad. I toured the states with a handful of slide lectures and returned to the UK with more, I have enjoyed compiling and delivering visual feasts and stimulating observations as energetic presentations. As a university professor who, for over 30 years has taught both art history and studio courses, I have had plenty of practice!

Here is a partial list of prepared, illustrated presentations. Others are available by arrangement:


Arlon Bayliss: Artist, Designer, Educator

Glass, Light and Love: Exploring Glass as an Artist, Designer and Educator

From Imagination to Creation: How Blenko Designs Are Made

A Brief History of Glass: from Enion Fecit to Chihully Fake-It

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Glass (with Apologies to Tutankhamen)

Waldglas and Façon De Venise: Glass on the Move

Out Of The Ashes?: How Studio Glass Flourished and the Hand Glass Industry Declined

3D Design

Using model making to grow ideas and find new ways of finding solutions

Light and Space:  two other materials

Creativity and Professional Practice

Creativity and Tools to Help us Have Better Ideas

Public Art Commissions: How to Secure a Commission and Other Useful Advice

Those Who Can – Teach: How Teaching and Being a Practicing Professional Can Go Hand-in-Hand