Artist Statement

In the development, fabrication, and installation of my public artwork, I seek out ways to work collaboratively with a broad range of individuals, including students and volunteers. My British post-industrial, post-Bauhaus training has shaped the way I work. I think of myself as an artist, craftsperson, and designer. By asking professionals with other skills, such as engineers, architects, and skilled fabricators, to partner with me, products evolve that far outreach the formal and contextual limitations of any solo effort I might make. “Between Infinite Stars…” for the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation is a good example of this.

My most recent public art commission, “Seeds Of Light” was a community art project for the Town Of Speedway. Over 45 local volunteers, including the high school kids whose foreign exchange programs the piece celebrates, took part in the project. They spent over 500 hours fabricating parts especially designed for non-skilled helpers. As an embedded artist in the Town Offices I included leaders and members of the host community in problem solving, logistics and making of the artwork. Their pride and interest in this, their first public sculpture was off the charts.

My studio or gallery artwork such as the “Aperio” or “Li” series is informed by my love of rivers, and a personal dialogue with nature. I use materials as metaphors, perhaps driftwood for things earthly, or gold leaf for the spiritual. I like to express the beauty of broken-ness and decay. Recently, in pieces like “Legato Con Amore”, I have been exploring the use of engraved “floating” poetry or imagined conversations. These works nod to art historical European glass traditions and engage the viewer in the risk and reward of deciphering decorative text on the juxtaposed faces of intertwined, transparent forms.